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Blog Tour: ‘The Name on the Bullet.’ A gripping read on media and the police.

John Dean is a fellow writer with my publisher The Book Folks. He has published his latest book: ‘The Name on the Bullet’, which I’ve just read.

I was lucky enough to get a copy, and it’s an excellent read. So I wanted to give a shout out to John for writing such gripping and tense fiction.

There’s a fascinating link between the media and the police, something I realised I rarely look at in my own stories. But as John is a former crime reporter, he has a great insight into this. (As they often do, David Simon, the creator of 'The Wire', was also a crime reporter).

Here’s the book’s blurb:

After a policeman is shot dead, DCI John Blizzard seizes a chance to settle old scores
When a high-profile detective on a reality TV cop show is killed, John Blizzard fancies old-school gangster Nathaniel Callaghan for the crime.
With the aging boss’s control over his northern crime empire on the wane, Blizzard sees an opportunity to turn his associates against him. But MI5 are also in on the action, and the different departments are in danger of scuppering each other’s investigation.
Yet as skeletons clatter out of the closet, it dawns on Blizzard that things are not as clear cut as they seem.
Who had murder on their mind, and who wrote the name on the bullet?
THE NAME ON THE BULLET is the eleventh standalone murder mystery by John Dean to feature stalwart crime-solver DCI John Blizzard.

I’d recommend John’s book if you’re hankering for a thrilling crime novel while waiting for the release of Henry Ward's Book 3.

'The Name on the Bullet' is in a series, but as I haven’t read the other books in it, I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. But I think I’ll be having a look at John's other books soon.

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