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🚨 Exclusive Kindle Deals: Detective Henry Ward series Books 1-3 📚

Get Books 1-3 of the Detective Henry Ward series at a steal

If you haven’t read the first three books – Murder on a Yorkshire Moor, Butcher on the Moor, and Missing on Ilkley Moor – you can snap up the Kindle versions for a bargain this week.

Here's what readers said of Books 1-3:

  1. “If you like good murder mysteries, then I suspect you'll rather enjoy this one too 😉 I am rapidly moving on to book #2.” – Amazon Reader, 'Murder on a Yorkshire Moor'

  2. “Well written. Feels the spirit of the moors that are difficult to feel without seeing them. And what the eeriness can do to people.” – Amazon Reader, 'Butcher on the Moor'

  3. “Well written. Lots of quirky characters who are well portrayed. Great series. Each book reveals a little more about the main protagonist. Well worth reading.” – Amazon Reader, 'Missing on Ilkley Moor' 

I hope you enjoy the books if you haven't already!

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