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  • Ric Brady

Serial Killers in Silsden

My latest book, 'Butcher on the Moor', is about a serial killer who Ex-DCI Henry Ward comes across. The murderer lives in Silsden, which is a small town next to Addingham in West Yorkshire, England. It's also the place where I spent the first thirteen years of my life.

I’m still not sure why my subconscious chose this location for the home of a serial killer. Perhaps it has something to do with those Yorkshire Ripper documentaries released a while back (I think during Covid).

One of Peter Sutcliffe’s attacks happened in Silsden. However, the police officially linked it to him only recently.

The villain in my book is different to the real-life killer in many ways. He's a slaughterhouse worker, while Sutcliffe was a HGV driver among other things. Plus their modus operandi are completely different. One used a stun gun and knives, while the other didn't.

If you want to know what happens to my fictional murderer in Silsden, you can read ‘Butcher on the Moor’ on Amazon today.

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